`As I say, the question of your future was brought up and your

31st December

Good night, irregular verbs.

and restfulness to the history recitation, that is entirely lacking Goodbye, Daddy.

Sallie and I decided last spring that we should like to room together, I think you might come and look at it for yourself. Master Jervie Field Day last Saturday. It was a very spectacular occasion.

in her opinion. Knowing a member of the Pendleton family

(Master Jervie doesn't let politeness interfere with truth.)

College opens in two weeks and I shall be glad to begin work again.

dreamed that a Pendleton could display so much comedy spirit--

of excitement, and she wished only to escape from Mrs. Lippett's

PS. Maybe it isn't proper to send love? If it isn't, please excuse.

looking over my shoulder to make sure that Mrs. Lippett isn't after

as she does in English. She went abroad with her parents when she

My room is on the north-west corner with two windows and a view.