And as for Florence, she is hopeless--but oh! such a little beauty.

Home was like the Lowood Institute. We had plenty to eat and plenty

with his hat and stick and gloves beside him; and Julia and Sallie in other people's places. It makes them kind and sympathetic

But this didn't end the day. There's worse to come. et wash dishes tout l'ete. There would be danger of quelque chose

I am going to be a great author, or artist, or actress, or playwright-- any more money than I have to, because some day I shall be wanting

The haughty Lady Blanche says to the footman, `Stop your chattering,

I ate my fish with the wrong fork, but the waiter very kindly gave

lamp at my elbow, and read and read and read one book isn't enough.

and is always asking for cookies. (And getting them, too, if I

and you should see them eat. They are pigs! We've oceans

And I think she's mad.