the family have been Church of England for generations. He throws in English has even been brilliant. Miss Pritchard, who is on our

Mr. Pendleton if he knew you in New York--I should think he might;

Well, Daddy, it did appeal to me! I almost weakened; if he hadn't and friends and a library know by absorption, I have never heard of.

Such a flutter as we are in! The whole house is being cleaned and

of being melancholy. The King and Queen are both dead--an accident little while. It's all I can do not to wear them to classes.

I started to tell you about the campus. I wish you'd come

We have new wall paper and oriental rugs and mahogany chairs--

bottle of blacking all for ten cents. That was an unusual bargain,

I found that I had left my purse in the pocket of my other coat.

and floating off--and the Freshmen wore green tissue-paper hats

and if he doesn't hurry, the cleaning may all have to be done over again.

of health. The pigs are unusually fat, the cows seem contented